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Participant Agreement

for the

Science Showcase/Demonstration/Development Project


The intent of this document is to outline the expectations of participants to the Environment and Climate Change Canada Pan Am/Pan Arctic Science Showcase project and for access to the data and products.

The goals and objectives of the project are improve the meteorological infrastructure for the North.

Caution should be exercised when interpreting the data and products of the Science Showcase project as they are experimental and not certified for operational use.

Collaborations, data sharing and joint publications are highly encouraged.

The document is directed to both Environment and Climate Change Canada investigators and other Science Showcase partners.

  1. All participants in the Environment and Climate Change Canada Pan Am/Pan-Artic Science Showcase (ECPASS) must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document, either individually or through their organization. Its main purpose is to protect individual and organization (also known as participants) interests while making Data available to participants.
  2. The ECPASS project is a scientific investigation. Invitation to the ECPASS project team and acknowledgement of this document constitutes Participant or Investigator status. Until publication of the results, access to the Data should not be shared with non-investigators (i.e., commercial vendors, etc) for their competitive or scientific advantage
  3. The definition of Data for this document includes Derived Data (eg. QC’d data) and Products (eg graphs and other documents) produced for ECPASS as well as any other observations made for the ECPASS project itself.
  4. ECPASS should not provide a competitive or scientific advantage to any Participant. So where practical, specialized Data developed for ECPASS should be made available to all participants. The primary distribution being through the Environment and Climate Change Canada data distribution system. If a fee is required for the distribution to a requesting participant, it should be nominal and cover the distribution cost of the Data only.
  5. All journal or other publications using ECPASS Data will be required to acknowledge Environment and Climate Change Canada as the source of the Data used.
  6. ECPASS participants will have free and timely access to the Data acquired during the project. The normal vehicle for Data dissemination will be a transfer using the Environment and Climate Change Canada data site. However, direct transfer of Data between participants is also encouraged.
  7. If other parties are contributing data, it may be necessary for some participants to archive some specialized Data sets, and retain them within their organizations. In that case, a summary of that Data, and the procedures for obtaining copies, would be transmitted to the ECPASS Archive. All Data in the ECPASS Archive, and sub-archives of participants, should include a description of how it was obtained, a description of the Data itself, calibration and Data quality procedures and results.
  8. Each non-Environment and Climate Change Canada participants’ Data is proprietary until the Data appear in publication or, if the Data are included in the Archive, until this Archive is published (released) to the scientific community. Participants who collect ECPASS Data are responsible for the reduction, analysis, interpretation and publication of their Data and research results.
  9. A participant, whose unpublished (unreleased) Data are to be used in an investigation, has the right to be included among the authors of any resulting publication. The participant may refuse co-authorship but not the use of this Data. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring investigator (a participant who may not be the owner of the Data but is leading an investigation) to solicit the participation of the investigator, whose Data are to be used, as early as possible during the formative stages of the investigation.
  10. ECPASS may not release the Data of others without consent.
  11. Any Data sets/product suites resulting from collaborative investigations among ECPASS participants will be made available to the ECPASS Archive.
  12. Investigators who are not employed by ECPASS participating organizations, co-investigators, or associates may participate in investigations using unpublished ECPASS Data provided they are sponsored by a ECPASS participant, and they accept and follow this agreement.
  13. Selected sets of reduced Data obtained by investigators participating in collaborative research will be made available to ECPASS participants within 9 months following acquisition. A Data status report will be issued annually by each “data collecting agency”. The ECPASS Archive, and the archives of individual organizations, would be made publicly available, with nominal charges for filling requests, after a period of time to be determined by ECPASS participants (typically 3 years after data collection).